Yarrrr. These be a few of my friends, and some of the particularly cool things they be doing. I think they be worth checking out. Some of these matey's I've worked with before. Some of them just be doing things I find worthy of touting.
Stay Flying
Paul Nurkkala, the pilot formerly known as “Bulbufet”, is a burgeoning FPV (First Person View) racing pilot. He's got a great youtube channel, where he vlogs, uploads flight videos, and runs a livestream on thursdays
His recent accomplishments include taking 2nd at USA Drone Nationals!
Which qualified him for Drone Worlds where he also took 2nd!
I work with him to suss out sustainability in his drone racing endeavors. If you want to do me a favor, checkout his Patreon, or his Merchandise store.
Habitry Co.
Habits are hard. We make them easy.
Habitry is run by some lovely people I am lucky enough to consider my friends. I've done some work for them here and there over the past few years. I always enjoy being around them, and if you ever have cause to work with them. Do it.
They help people get better at habits that matter.
If you're an individual and intrigued, I'll let you in on two upcoming secrets: one and, two.
If you're a coach looking to become a great motivator, I recommend you check out Habitry Professionals. No matter who you train or what you coach, applying the Science of Motivation will get results and make you every client’s favorite coach.
Babe Denny
Cate Pickens
Babe Denny is a digital media producer and strategist based in Indianapolis, IN. I've worked with her on several occasions as her development arm when consulting with local businesses on their online ecommerce presence.
She is a kick-ass product photographer, so if you need some, definitely look up her availability!
United State of Indiana
Great clients to work with. They, like me, share the idea that businesses can be more than stark profit-making machines.
I've done a fair amount of shopify custom development for them. They've got some neat products. Be sure to check them out.