programming, coding, websites, slack-bots, nodejs, javascript, css, etc.
I've had my hand in a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and projects over the years. Most of my recent work has involved JavaScript. But I've built things in Salesforce, Slack, Python, PHP (and more) as well.
Feel free to checkout my github,  pirate-matt. Most of my past work has not been public, so it's a little sparse, but I'm slowly building it out.
If you are wondering if I can do something, don't hesitate to ask!
Regardless of the task, I will make every effort to ensure I understand the problems your business faces. I have no interest in charging you to build a wonderful solution only to find out it was to the wrong problem.

Most recently I've been focusing on the following areas:


Have a theme, that is missing a few things, you wish it had? I can work with you to make them a reality. I've spent a lot of time dealing with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so you don't have to.
When doing Shopify work I focus on the following things:
  • Making customizations configurable - this gives shop admins maximum control over any modifications I make
  • Commenting any modifications I make - this enables code savy admins to make small changes on their own
  • Providing documentation of modifications - this makes moving any customizations over to a new version of a theme much easier

<Custom Website Development/>

I have a wonderful developer I collaborate with for larger Custom Website Development. I love working with him, and look for every opportunity to do so. He has been doing custom Django and Wordpress sites for the past 5 years. You can see his credentials here.
The typical workflow for a job like this is as follows:
  • Initial project definition and requirements gathering meeting
  • Estimation and quote delivery - I prefer pricing to be a discussion rather than a declaration (but it's got to start somewhere)
  • Regular progress updates with opportunities for feedback and correction
  • Final project delivery and debriefing meeting


Minimum Viable Products
I've run into a few situations recently where a business had an idea and wanted to see if it was viable and sustainable. This is where I came in. I worked with them to build a minimal codebase that worked well enough for the business to ascertain if it warranted a full-blown product.
I really enjoy these types of projects because they require me to analyze each requirement and ask: Is this really needed? I am able to utilize not just my development skills, but also my business acumen. I am forced to think of the overall system and not just asked to make the font a little bigger, or change the color of the header.
I enjoy the challenge and collaborative and iterative nature of developing an MVP. It's not just programming, and I like that.
Interested in hiring me, or working with me on something? 
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